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HP is definitely one of the world’s top laptop brands that manufacture budget and premium ranges of laptops. Hewlett Packard is a big name in the electronics business worldwide with a huge lineup of laptops, desktops, printers, and other electronic devices. The fame and demand of HP laptops in Nepal have not faded despite the brand’s declining market presence.

However, you won’t find any authorized HP showroom in Nepal. It is because there are no authorized HP distributors in Nepal. Nonetheless, Sonup Traders has a wide variety of HP laptops along with computer accessories of the highest quality. You will find that the HP price in Nepal when you shop at Sonup Traders is quite reasonable.

Latest HP Laptops Price in Nepal 2020

HP laptops come in a variety of ranges in terms of performance, color, and price tag. In fact, the cheapest HP laptop in Nepal costs Rs. 42,000 and the price goes as up as Rs. 236,800. It certainly is good news for a large base of customers. From students to professional businesspersons, HP laptops enhance the daily computing operations for just about anyone.

How to Decide Which HP Laptop to Buy?

Let’s first understand that HP offers a different series of laptops such as Spectre, Envy, Pavilion, Chromebook, Omen, and ZBook. In fact, it comes down to why you need a laptop in the first place.

For instance, it’s your go-to device for gaming, work, or completing projects. So, let’s breakdown the important factors to consider before buying an HP laptop in Nepal.

Screen Size and Portability

Are you a field worker or someone who has to travel a lot with your laptop? Or, do you prefer a larger and heavier model that you need in replacement for your office desktop?

Basically, you will have to decide on what you’re looking for in a laptop.

If your concern is portability, you might want to go for an HP laptop between 12 and 13-inches. In this case, the HP Spectre series could be a good pick for you. 

These are ultrabook genre laptops with premium and elegant design combined with slim and light features.

Power and RAM

The processor and its power play quite a role in deciding which laptop to buy. Since the CPU is the brains of the whole operation, you need to think about your usage.

For example, an Intel® Core™ i5 could work for most users. However, if you are more into gaming or require high-end processing, go for HP Pavilion gaming laptops.

Now, when it comes to RAM, you must have 4GB of RAM to run basic programs. However, if you have too many tabs or applications open, 4GB might not be enough.

This means that 8GB will be the optimal choice for most users. However, if that doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you can easily get an HP laptop in Nepal with 16GB of RAM.

Screen Quality

What most buyers fail to consider while shopping for a laptop is the screen quality. Most users spend a considerable amount of time staring at the screen. So, why not get something that gives a comfortable view and doesn’t affect your eyes.

For instance, you might want to think twice about purchasing a touch screen laptop if reflections are your concern. In fact, touch screen laptops have a glossy display.

It entirely depends on your need. If you want to go for a touch display, HP Spectre x360 could be  a good pick.

Operating System

You may be wondering why this is even a factor. But HP also offers an amazing lineup of Chromebooks that use Google’s operating system – Chrome.

The Chrome OS is much simpler in comparison to Windows and uses Google Play Store to download applications to the device.

However, that’s about it! Users are limited to Chrome browsers and the Play Store.

On the other hand, Windows 10 laptops are always a familiar selection for most users.

Best HP Laptops in Nepal Under the Price of 1 Lakh

HP has a good lineup for laptops under the price of 1 Lakh in Nepal. So, if you don’t want to cross this budget, then we have specifically picked out two amazing laptops for you.

The first is an HP Ultrabook with ultra-portable design and slim form factor. The HP Envy 13 is the top pick for an office employee or a college student with day-to-day laptop needs. Also, it is a lightweight device weighing no more than 1.22 Kg.

The laptop flaunts a 13.3-inch Full-HD display for an amazing screen time experience. Talking about its performance, this ultrabook comes with 8GB of RAM and has the 8th gen Intel Core i5-8250 processor inside. Furthermore, it comes with a 256GB SSD storage for better loading time. The device also supports fast charge and has SuperSpeed USB ports.

On the other hand, there’s a high-performance gaming laptop available under the price of 1 Lakh. The HP Pavilion 15 Power is a decent HP gaming laptop in Nepal that comes with a powerful 8th Gen i5-8300H processor. The clock speed of this processor can max out up to 4GHz.

Similarly, an 8GB of DDR4 RAM aids the processor in the power front. The device packs a 16GB of Optane Memory and 1TB of HDD inside. On the display front, it flaunts a 15.6-inch IPS panel with a Full-HD display.

Since it is a gaming laptop, you might be curious about its graphics. So, you would be glad to know that the Pavilion 15 Power comes with a GTX 1050Ti graphics card that provides decent frame rates. In other words, Game on!

We should also mention that this gaming laptop also has a GTX 1050 variant which is cheaper.

Buy HP Laptops in Nepal from Sonup Traders

Sonup Traders is the ultimate online shopping solution for laptops and electronic accessories. Go to the HP Laptops section and select your buy. Choose the graphic card option and hit Add to Cart to proceed. The next step is to Checkout from your cart.

If you have a coupon code, you can enter the code and apply for special discounts.

We will confirm your order by contacting you and start the process of shipping your order to your location.

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