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Lenovo is one of the most successful Chinese brands that operate in more than 60 countries. In fact, after acquiring IBM’s ThinkPad brand back in 2005, it became the no.1 PC maker in the world. Being one of the highest selling laptops, Lenovo laptops price in Nepal varies from store to store.

Latest Lenovo Laptops Price in Nepal 2020

By varying range, we mean that its price starts at Rs 25,900 and goes all the way up to Rs 1,85,000. When you look at the lineups of Lenovo laptops in Nepal, you will find that the pricing is quite reasonable.

Lenovo ThinkPad is the series with the most demand in the market that caters to almost all users. It’s unique design, portability, fast performance, and reliability are praiseworthy. Similarly, there are Lenovo laptops with the most capable and powerful Intel Core processors. Ideapad is another popular series with bolder design than that of Thinkpad and suits mainstream consumers.

They are also one of the first brands to introduce foldable convertible PCs which have become widely popular in the present Lenovo lineup. Indeed, we are talking about the Yoga range of Lenovo laptops. And, the Y series encompasses the gaming laptops from Lenovo. All these laptops with amazing features are available at the best prices in Nepal.

How to Decide Which Lenovo Laptop to Buy?

Lenovo laptops offer the choice from the most basic series such as IdeaPad and E-series to high-performance gaming laptops. However, you should know how to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the different lineups of Lenovo laptops in Nepal.

Lenovo Consumer Laptops

It is the most mainstream series from Lenovo laptops, which best suit day-to-day needs for businesses and students. In fact, these laptops are popular for their reliability, budget pricing, and decent graphics. The performance is also quite decent if the demands of users are not high.

The consumer series consists of Ideapad and E-series Lenovo laptops. You can find Lenovo laptops with a display ranging from 11.6-inches to 15.6-inches in this lineup. Moreover, there are a few laptops with Full HD screen and dedicated graphics as well. 

And, the price goes up to NPR 89k, which is for the IdeaPad S145 with 8th Gen Core Intel i5 and NVIDIA GeForce graphics. So, you get the best at the cheapest in this series when it comes to Lenovo laptops price in Nepal.

Lenovo Ultrabooks and Convertible Laptops

As mentioned earlier, Lenovo is one of the first brands to introduce a groundbreaking series of foldable laptops. The Yoga laptops range along with 2-in-1s will definitely give competitors a run for their money.

Lenovo quotes them as a ‘seriously cool’ range of laptops with impressive design, vibrant displays, and high performance. The tablets in this lineup also have pen support for visual artists and designers. 

For some, the price range of this lineup can be a bit overwhelming but it’s truly worth it. One of the most expensive laptops in this series is the Yoga 730 with 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. It also has 15.6-inch FHD and Intel HD Graphics. It is available in Nepal at a price of Rs 120,000.

Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Now, this is the lineup most of today’s youth are interested in! Legion by Lenovo lets gamer experience hardcore gaming without limiting their seating. With powerful graphics and overclockable CPUs, Lenovo offers some amazing laptops in this range. In fact, there are also a few budget choices for casual gamers.

Best Lenovo Laptops in Nepal Under the Price of 1 Lakh

Well, first decide why you want a laptop to begin with. There is a wide range of Lenovo laptops that cater to all kinds of requirements. For instance, if you are a student or an office employee, you would want something that you can carry every day without getting your back hurt.

An optimal pick in such cases would be the Lenovo Yoga 530 or the Yoga 730. These laptops are ultraportable and lightweight. The Yoga 730 weights no more than 1.32 Kg. And, these laptops also come with 8GB and 16GB of RAM to boost your performance.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the touchscreen display in the tablet mode. These laptops even come with JBL speakers with Dolby support.

Now, let’s move on to the budget selection for Lenovo gaming laptops in Nepal under 1 Lakh. Again, you can choose between the Lenovo Legion Y530 and the Legion Y7000.

Both these laptops offer similar specs. However, the Legion Y530 comes with 1TB of HDD while the latter has 128GB SSD. The slightly expensive Y7000 model also offers a GTX 1050Ti graphics card to boost your gaming experience.

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