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Yasuda is a popular name when it comes to quality electronics around the world. The electronics manufacturer has a reputation for providing a complete home solution with its amazing lineup of products. Likewise, there has been a growing demand for Yasuda Refrigerator in Nepal lately.

And, we are here to tell you that Sonup Traders have the best deals for you.

Yasuda Refrigerator Price in Nepal 2020 [Quick View]

Refrigerator ModelPrice in Nepal
EP YSDH150SH (150L)Rs. 24,099
YSDH170SH (170L)Rs. 25,239
YCDC170RF (170L)Rs. 26,495
EZ YSTH190C0 (190L)Rs. 26,956
YSDH200SH (200L)Rs. 32,749

These quality Yasuda Refrigerators keep food cold, preserve it, and keep it safe from bacteria efficiently. Moreover, the direct cool technology on these models is energy efficient.

The single door Yasuda Refrigerators are quite economical but when it comes to the efficiency and space, the double door Yasuda models win.

Buy Quality Yasuda Refrigerators at Budget Price

Jumping straight to double door refrigerators, Sonup offers the efficient EP YSDH150SH (150L) at Rs. 24,099. Similarly, there are other quality refrigerators available under the price of 30k available at Sonup Traders.

Meanwhile, the 200L capacity double door Yasuda refrigerator, YSDH200SH, is available at Rs. 32,749.

That brings us to single door refrigerators. Yasuda Refrigerator price in Nepal usually ranges from 25k to 30k as well. Single door refrigerators such as the YCDC170RF (170L) or the EZ YSTH190C0 (190L) offer large vegetable or fruit compartments along with an energy-saving cooling system.

The choice is yours!

Yasuda Refrigerators Features

  • Low Noise
  • Durability
  • Advanced Direct Cooling Technology
  • Weather Adaptations
  • Removable door seal to smoothen cleaning
  • Ice tray
  • Door lamp switch
  • Safety plastic shelf to store fruits and vegetables
  • Warranty Period (Get warranty card at the time of Delivery)

Buy Yasuda Refrigerator in Nepal from Sonup Traders

Sonup Traders has a decent lineup for Yasuda refrigerator or fridge in Nepal. Go to the Yasuda section under the Home Appliances menu and select your buy. You can select the ‘cooler’ one that fits your needs and then, hit Add to Cart to proceed. Then, you can simply Checkout from your cart.

Confirm if you have a coupon code. You can enter the code and apply for special discounts.

Finally, we will confirm your order by getting in touch with you. When everything is set, we shall start the process of shipping your order to your location.

Have fun preserving your favorite food for later!

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